On June 9, 2020, the General Department of Customs issued Official Letter No. 3776 / TCHQ-GSQL (OL 3776) on the use of foreign codes and barcodes for exported goods. This Official Letter of the General Department of Customs has basically removed the difficulties for export enterprises, including seafood exporters. This is the biggest issue that causes problems for VASEP’s member businesses in the first months of this year and the Association has made many recommendations in meetings and in writing with Official Letter No. 34/2020 / CV-VASEP. March 31, 2020 and Official Letter No. 46/2020 / CV-VASEP of April 22, 2020.

In CV 3776, the General Department of Customs has requested the Customs Departments of provinces and cities to direct their Customs Sub-Departments to perform uniformly when carrying out customs procedures for exported goods and customs officers. require customs declarants to produce documents certifying by competent agencies about the use of foreign barcode numbers. Customs declarants are responsible before the law for the use of foreign article numbers and barcodes attached to the exported goods and packaging.

On the afternoon of May 20, 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam chaired a meeting between representatives of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Justice, General Department of Customs, Advisory Group on Sustainable Development and national competitiveness … to solve and solve this problem. Concluding the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister instructed in 2020 to amend the regulations on the use of foreign article numbers and barcodes. In the short term within 10 days after this meeting, when the Decree 74/2018 has not been amended, the Ministry of Science and Technology will send a written request to the Ministry of Finance in the spirit that it will not check and sanction enterprises for this provision; accept many forms of “authorization” of foreign goods owners (such as contracts, emails, messages, agreements, …) to prove a packaging contract including article numbers and barcodes.
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