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The predecessor was a small enterprise specializing in purchasing all kinds of shrimp ingredients. Since the 2000s, the enterprise has expanded rapidly and achieved many accomplishments.

anh khoa

In 2007, Anh Khoa Co., Ltd. (Anh Khoa Seafoods) was officially established with the mission of manufacturing, processing, importing and exporting seafood products in which the main products are Black tiger shrimp and Vannamei shrimp for export. The current output that Anh Khoa Seafoods can provide customers is up to 500 -700 tons per month.

With a team of highly qualified managers and experts with extensive experience in the field of processing seafoods, Anh Khoa Seafoods is constantly improving, equipping modern equipment, applying quality management systems in the entire production process: HACCP, BRC, HALAL, ISO 22000:2018, ensuring strictly control of food hygiene and safety as well as prohibited antibiotics.

Anh Khoa Seafoods is licensed to export seafood products to all countries around the world, especially the EU potential markets with EU Code DL 465.

With the aim of sustainable development, the enterprise has been dedicated to investing in clean production, environmental protection, and balancing social benefits.

Anh Khoa seafoods always thrives on bringing consumers clean products from Shrimp.






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  2. General Director: 1P
  3. Director: 6P
  4. Head of Department: 6P
  5. Vice Department: 5P










Customer satisfaction is the key to our success


Becoming one of leaders in importing-exporting seafoods company in Vietnam, enhancing the value of Vietnamese shrimp


Combining available resources, creating a sustainable link chain to provide the best, the cleanest and the most nutritious shrimp products in order to meet customers’ satisfaction, thereby confirming the value of Vietnamese Shrimp.












  • Promoting the potential of natural resources, market advantages, modern technology and experiences in order to have sustainable development.
  • Trying our best to bring the highest quality and clean shrimp products to customers.
  • Improving production processes, optimizing technology thereby providing safe and clean products.
  • Taking advantages of the EVFTA Agreement to increase exports to the EU market, and at the same time, exploiting other potential markets such as Japan, Korea, China, Middle East Countries, etc.